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Lost on Hope Street

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I was walking with my wife home from work — the library — at 8:15 pm last night. Going south between 7th and 8th, just past the Rite Aid , a young lady was walking in the same direction right ahead of us. She seemed lost, looking side-to-side, and suddenly rotated towards us, looking frantic and asking where was 6th and Main. She had gotten off the 7th Street Metro station to meet up with a friend at a bar called “Varnish” and was told it was only a couple blocks away and she … was … lost.

We gave her directions. I asked her if she wanted a ride. My wife looked at me funny, but she understood. No time for a young lady … her name was Marie Helene, she’d come up from South Gate, but was really from France, was trying to get a job as a 3D animator … to be walking through the “historic corridor” at night.

My daughter brought down our card key to the garage. We got in and drove to the address she was given, which turned out to be Cole’s. She thanked us, gave me her card and got out of the car.

Driving back, my wife and I talked about how strangers seem to gravitate to us for directions, assistance, advice, etc. Must be because we are comparatively small and non-threatening. When we got back to our garage and parked, I looked into the back seat and there was her cell phone. I walked my wife back to our loft and took off to Cole’s. As I drove out of the garage, her phone rang. It was Marie Helene. She forgot her phone. I told her I was on my way. She thanked me. A minute later, her phone rang again. It was the person she was supposed to meet. I didn’t catch her name, but she was wondering why I was answering Marie Helene’s phone.

I tried to explain the situation … she was lost, we gave her a ride, she forgot her phone, I was driving down to give it back to her … but the person on the phone was pretty rude … why did I have Marie Helene’s phone, where was she, why wasn’t she at the predetermined location … until I told her to just wait until I got there.

The street was packed, no parking anywhere near Cole’s. I waited for the light to change on 6th Street and Los Angeles, considering parking on 6th Street but figuring out why nobody else was parked there, when someone banged on the window. It was Marie Helene, looking relieved. I gave her back her phone, told her that her friend was waiting and calling and worrying. “Thanks”, again, and I drove back home to the quiet of our loft.

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February 25, 2010 at 4:22 am

Downtown With Dogs

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As ex-suburbanites used to having a yard and plenty of space to roam, having dogs downtown presents certain challenges. We moved into the South Park Lofts because they are dog-friendly. But I don’t know if it’s our dogs — Mr. T and Ricky — who aren’t being friendly or it’s the dogs we meet on walks, in the lobby and, particularly, in the elevator, who haven’t exhibited much sociability.

Loud growls are one thing, but there’s been some flat out brawls in the halls and in the dog-relief area on the roof, where I’ve had to strain to pull these canine cutthroats apart from much larger mutts and purebreds.

Thank god these two terrors are only (only?) chihuahuas. If they were any bigger and meaner, these perros would only be able to go out at night.

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February 23, 2010 at 5:47 am

Hi. I’m Downtown Lalo

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I am Downtown Lalo. I live and work in downtown L.A. I walk around a lot, usually with my two dogs so they won’t pee in our home. I also walk alone or with my wife and/or daughter. Sometimes friends. There is a lot of life downtown and there’s banality. I will write about what I observe and experience and sometimes give my opinion. I will also publish photos and links. My goal is to publish at least a few times a week and that you comment on what’s on this blog, if you like. ¡Gracias! (it’s a bilingual blog)

Written by downtownlalo

February 20, 2010 at 3:50 pm